Sushi restaurant art and mural

Customers want to be transported in ecstasy. You no longer only conquer the customer's heart with good food. The atmosphere, the decoration and the art must also be top notch. You want to be Instagrammable so that your 'influencers' are working for you every day for free because they promote your restaurant on their Instagram, TikTok or Facebook page.

Sushi art

My sushi art is original, unique and creates a cool vibe. In this painting you can see: Nyotaimori

Japans restaurant art

So do you want more followers on social media? Do you want to stand out with the interior of your business and motivate people to take photos and selfies?

Then my art is your solution.

Order a mural or a personalized painting and make your business an even bigger feast to eat.

Canvas with own name:
60 x 80: €290
120 x 90: €450

(With baking frame plus €100)

Gepersonaliseerd Sushi schilderij

You can simply order paintings here in the webshop and you can order additional personalized ones. We will contact you for the name and you can hang the new art within 5 working days.

Mural restaurant

Mural: 1 wall: €1100

Custom painting: €750

All prices include VAT


Hans: 06 24 32 72 73

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