About Hans Breuker

My themes are ambition, fun and love. I am interested in brands, images and visual culture. I mix brands with each other and look for boundaries in recognisability and pop culture.

In addition, I look for ways to visualize my own (creative) ambition and to explore the possibilities as an iPad artist. Usually with vibrant colors, mixing all kinds of popular culture into a work of art that touches you.

Cartoon art Hans Breuker

I grew up with the Donald Duck, Looney Tunes and Telekids but my first love was the comics. Suske and Wisek, Spirou, Tintin, Lucky Luke, everything! A neighbor was a great collector and I devoured his collection and borrowed from the library every week.

As a child I drew always and everywhere and that led to graffiti in my adolescence. 

street art

My time as a graffiti artist was short but powerful. A change of school and contact with the law brought an end to it. But the love remained. Certainly the graffiti cartoons were my favorite, think of the crazy dentist van MOON (Tooth). 

Certainly later through Banksy and the evolution of street art that went beyond just tags and pieces, that sparked my love.

Own style

I 'borrow', steal and use what I feel like. As soon as you put cartoons, puppets and other visual elements in a different environment, you create new work. And that's what I try to do. Throwing my own sauce over existing elements in the blender and making cool new art.

And sometimes there is even a message behind it. My struggle with alcohol for example.

Andy the Dandy

I sketched a lot in 2015 in search of gold and slowly but surely Andy the Dandy emerged. An art influencer with a very story, a logo, clothing, NFT's and the whole reutemeteut. 

It's one of the characters I love to draw and experiment with. Andy is an art project herself.

De eerste Andy the Dandy

iPad and acrylic

I painted a lot. I work fast and like to finish things. But free work is sometimes difficult to sell. And my ego is too big to sell things for little. And so I slowly grew towards the iPad and art prints. And I freaking love it! Since October 2021 I almost exclusively make art on the iPad. The art for sale on this website are all limited editions, printed on demand.


Hans Breuker (1981) was born in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, where he still lives with his wife and two daughters. He goes on trips with his family, visits museums and has many lunches and dinners. He is usually sober, but he likes to drink and celebrate life.

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