Selwyn Senatori curse and blessing

Selwyn Senatori curse and blessing

Selwyn Senatori is a Dutch Italian artist from Hoorn. He made a lot of paintings about food and later he mainly started making cartoony dolls. At first they looked a lot like Herman Brood's and slowly they developed their own style. 

Selwyn Senatori .'s Blessing

Cool art that appeals to a large audience. When I first saw his designs in 2015 I thought: 'wow, that looks a lot like the dolls I always draw when I doodle'. So I think there is a market for it. While I always thought art should be serious. So in that sense I am very grateful to him! That you can make and sell cartoony art! You know.

Selwyn Senatori or Hans Breuker
Selwyn Senatori or Hans Breuker
Hans Breuker of Selwyn Senatori
One of my favorite topics is CASHMONEY

The Curse of Selwyn Senatori

Selwyn has of course adapted the Herman Brood style to his will. But because he is so popular, it seems that no other Dutch artist is allowed to create the cartoon style. It is VERY clear that a Hans Breuker is different from that of Selwyn Senatori. But there are still people who think it's plagiarism or I don't know a lot. Annoying! 

Hans Breuker Selwyn Senatori
Hans Breuker Selwyn Senatori. This is far from a Senatori, isn't it?

Selwyn Senatori of Hans Breuker

In 2021 I have a creative spurt. I paint and draw a lot and I am grateful for all the reactions and for everyone who buys the art. If you paint a lot, you can also experiment and come to insights that make you think: wow! This also looks great. And certainly doesn't look like Selwyn! At least, I think. Anyway. Opinions are divided on that too. Not that it's stopping me, of course. But it remains a curse and a blessing if you have the same style as an established name. 

Soprano stacks
Soprano stacks. Not Selwyn Senatori! Hans Breuker
Poker men
Poker men. Not Selwyn Senatori! Hans Breuker

Anyway. I happily continue painting. For the time being, my free work is going away between €85 and €195. Of course I'd rather have more, but if this is it, this is it, right? I do what I like and that name will come naturally 🙂

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