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My black bike has been stolen!

My black bike has been stolen!

"Oh dear," the officer will say. Not a black one anyway… Well. It gets hard to find between 15. Million. black. Bicycles."

When I look at the boys of today, I see black jackets, black bicycles, dressed in dark tracksuits. And when I voyeur in Amstelveen houses I see a gray corner sofa, black steel, white walls with supposedly stylish black and white photos and some pastel shades. O lord, the dullness is more contagious than omnicron.

Color does something to you! Positivity, energy, cheerfulness and love for life! We look at colorful figures online and like everything that stands out, but we still wear gray ourselves. brrr.

I recently presented a (colorful) work of art at a drink organized by the business association Amstelveen. I wore a tiger print blouse; Admittedly, going a bit far. But everyone I spoke to commented on it.

So I understand those kids with all those black clothes, fear of jokes and being fooled. The adults do the same, making fun of someone who deviates from the black-gray norm. Which is more strictly enforced than Lil Kleine's ex did. And so everything becomes more and more dull, fearful and colorless.

BUT! Fortunately, I have the solution dear reader. On June 13 I open mine new ones exhibition in Galerie Breuker, plenty of color and spectacle. And if you want, I can customize your jacket or your bike with a spray can, no problem! We're going for it, Amstelveen on the color!

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