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Dusan Tadic

Dusan Tadic

Dusan Tadic; our captain.

A REAL captain. Physically, athletically and mentally. Tadic is a super pro with a born will to win. A winning mentality and ascetic attitude to life. Everything for football. Everything for profit.

Dusan Tadic art

Dusan Tadic kunst

It inspired me to a portrait that radiates that passion. Just like the aggression of Brian Brobbey, for example. But with a little more fire. The portrait is unique and only possible on order. Can be printed on poster, canvas and plexiglass with certificate of authenticity.

Duan Tadic carriere 

His career is truly remarkable. And smart. Tadic is not about the money, that much is clear. After his first years at his first club FK Vojvodina (beautiful club log by the way) he did not choose to go to the 'big' competitions but to Groningen...

After playing the stars of heaven there, he again opted for a small step up; FC Twente. And there he played insanely. Dusan Tadic Southampton In England he was invaluable to Southampton. In 4 years he played 162(!) matches.

Dusan Tadic

Apparently that violence and training there was even a bit too much for Tadic and he returned to the Netherlands. And to all of us Ajax!

Dusan Tadic Ajax

Ajax achieves the most success when it has a mix of talents and experienced players. In the nineties with Rijkaard for example, Galasek and therefore also Tadic. With his flair, smartness and velvet technique, Tadic has a real connection with Ajax football.

Dusan Tadic kunst

Tadic is an absolute asset to Ajax with his drive and humor. Sometimes you think for a moment, the sleet comes in and then HOP he makes another fabulous assist, goal or movement. It just keeps on enjoying.

Enjoy Dusan Tadic

Personally, my favorite moments are of course the goal against Real Madrid in 2019. I was screaming in my favorite bar. But also the cheering and that Tarzan closet is always impressive. Here's a video with highlights from season 20/21

Rights Ajax:


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