Dinner & Tears, a novella

Dinner and tears

This is a successful businessman, he goes to dinner with his old school friend Larissa, whom he used to secretly love. They used to think together how they would become successful, she was a poop girl, he was a street rascal, but that ambition binds them.

Now they are both successful, he is a banker, single and partying with alcohol and drugs. She is neat and works as the director of a psychiatric hospital with rehab. During dinner he wants to leave quickly because the city is waiting; booze, women and coke. And he is, of course, the king of monkey rock. Moreover, she asks difficult questions about his childhood, he is bored. Then he challenges her: 'If you want to ask me difficult questions, then join me. Drank & drugs.' And to his surprise, she does. And then it gets tough.

A story of blind ambition.


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