Ajax Bob Marley Shirt

The Ajax Bob Marley shirt.

Wow. WHAT a shirt and what a great history Ajax has with Three Little Birds. What I especially like is that it is a relatively new tradition.

It inspired me to this Amsterdam Three Little Birds artwork:

Ajax Bob Marley shirt

Ajax and Bob Marley

Like the best traditions and the most beautiful stories, it arose spontaneously. The Ajax supporters who traveled with them to the practice match Cardiff (Wales) - Ajax had to wait an extremely long time before they were allowed to leave the stadium.

And then there was the stadium DJ who played the Bob Marley song: Three Little Birds. With a sense of irony and humor as they know it in Wales and England: Isn't it a fantastic story?!


Bob Marley's Son

At Ajax Ky-Mani Marley, one of Marley's sons, hears of the tradition and comes to sing the song in the Arena in 2018 after Ajax AEK Athens. Bob Marley and Amsterdam. Bob Marley was a mega fanatic footballer and preferred to play football all day long. The cancer from which he died came from his toe. He had to be amputated, he refused because then he could no longer play football is the story.


I just spent a while in Amsterdam. Near the Jordaan in West. the remaining non-import Amsterdammers (as I was myself) are not super relaxed or laid back at all. If you're not quick enough at the butcher; †is it still coming or what', or if you don't pay attention you will be knocked off your socks and called names, 'hate on the street' and shit on the sidewalk. 

But a little heart. And in for fun for sure! But keep your feet off me you bastard! Hahaha. Smoking weed, on the other hand, and the coffee shops do fit in Amsterdam.

Ajax Bob Marley shirt documentary

A short documentary was made about the relationship between Marley's Three Little Birds and Ajax: Goosebumps on seeing and hearing. It is really like Ajax supporters to be original and creative, but also to use these kinds of 'beautiful' songs and traditions.


A nice moment in the documentary is when the stadium DJ steps onto the field and he is cheered by the fans as 'Amsterdam Hooligan!'. I myself am against any form of violence. And I condemn all violence and fight against each other. I am against any kind of fanaticism. But that moment is really crazy! Three Little Birds Amsterdam art I turned it into art because it is very inspiring!

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