Selwyn Senatori and Hans Breuker, the 26 biggest differences

25 differences between Selwyn Senatori and Hans Breuker

The differences between Selwyn Senatori and Hans Breuker, it keeps the mind busy. Do you already know them all? The biggest differences between the Hoornaar and the Amstelvener.

De verschillen tussen Selwyn Senatori en Hans Breuker
Hans Breuker uses pistols, Selwyn Senatori hardly ever uses…
  1. Selwyn Senatori drinks champagne, Hans Breuker drinks beer…
  2. Selwyn Senatori was 'inspired' by Herman Brood, Hans Breuker by Selwyn Senatori
  3. Selwyn Senatori is from Hoorn, Hans Breuker from Amstelveen
  4. Selwyn Senatori paints small black eyes, Hans Breuker round eyes with color
  5. Selwyn Senatori almost never paints male lips, Hans Breuker almost always
  6. Selwyn Senatori gets €4,000 per painting, Hans Breuker €200 (ok, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more)
  7. Selwyn Senatori is a brand, Hans Breuker a creative entrepreneur
  8. Selwyn Senatori has a thing for expensive brands, Hans Breuker doesn't even notice whether something is an hour.
  9. Selwyn Senatori has assistants and management, Hans Breuker flies solo (not to be confused with Han Solo)
  10. Selwyn Senatori doesn't know who Hans Breuker is, Hans Breuker does know who Selwyn Senatori is
  11. Selwyn Senatori paints in 1 style with the same subjects, Hans Breuker paints where the fuck he feels like it and has several styles
  12. Selwyn Senatori is Italian, Hans Breuker does have curls and also likes pizza but is really Hullandisch
  13. Selwyn Senatori is from 1974, Hans Breuker from 1981
  14. Selwyn Senatori is a full-time artist, Hans Breuker runs a marketing agency, sock brand and sometimes writes a boek
  15. Selwyn Senatori has a studio, Hans Breuker paints in his living room
  16. Selwyn Senatori has blocked Hans Breuker, Hans Breuker has not
  17. Selwyn Senatori uses texts in his paintings, Hans Breuker does not
  18. Selwyn Senatori hardly ever paints pistols, Hans Breuker does
  19. Selwyn Senatori thinks he's pretty cool, Hans Breuker a little less
  20. Selwyn Senatori used to paint a lot of food, Hans Breuker never
  21. Selwyn Senatori uses aerosol cans in his art, Hans Breuker almost never.
  22. Selwyn Senatori has tattoos, Hans Breuker does not
  23. Selwyn Senatori has never used drugs, Hans Breuker makes no statements about it
  24. Selwyn Senatori has more pictures of himself on his timeline of his art, Hans Breuker has more photos of his art than of himself on his timeline
  25. Selwyn Senatori never gets bullshit that his art resembled Herman Brood, Hans Breuker is constantly complained that his art resembles Selwyn Senatori.
  26. Selwyn Senatori mainly sells paintings, Hans Breuker mainly art prints, which are also available on plexiglass.

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