Treat Dads for Father's Day. They deserve it

We men, we fathers, brothers and partners. It's tougher than ever for us. The woman doesn't need us anymore. Not for our special baby load, not for the bread-on-the-board and not at all to cut the meat, because hardly any meat is eaten. Sexist jokes are no longer tolerated. Flirting made almost impossible. And in the household there were sky-high expectations. In short, we are helpless. Our fathers (I am from 1981) and their fathers apparently had it much easier. A daddy day was still unknown, as was the location of the vacuum cleaner. Our male role models taught us not to cry when we were in pain, to be a man. Cool. bite through. They went to work in the morning and came home in the evening for a ready table. Now we have to deal with our children's feelings while we hardly know where they are in ourselves. My generation runs home half past three to pick up the kids from school and immerse ourselves in a Hello Fresh building kit. Estimated time; 35 min, real time, 1.5 hours. And when the dishwasher has been emptied, the kids present and the table set, we want medals, tributes and prizes. But we'll never get it. Our fathers already got compliments if they knew how the washing machine worked. Who are we? When we are no longer the strong shoulders to cry on. In the pub we have to watch our words. And helping out at home with tasks that make us feel like Freddy Mercury in the I Want to Break Free music video. That's why there is now the Father's Day discount from Hans Breuker Art in which you as a wife, daughter or partner can finally give those accolades. That prize so deserved, that loving appreciation for those new kind of fathers. Art with a capital K. The code? FATHER The website: Do it for him. Make those fathers happy so that they can throw themselves full of energy again in the most beautiful task that exists.

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