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Harbor Club artist

Harbor Club artist

The Harbor Club artist is Selwyn Senatori. The best known from the New Dutch School, next to Herman Brood and Hans Breuker. This style of painting is super popular.

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Selwyn Senatori stijl Hans Breuker enfant terrible


New Dutch school and the Harbor Club

Characteristic for the New Dutch School are the hard black lines and the characteristic coarse lines, graceful ladies and tough men.


Selwyn Senatori stijl Hans Breuker verder


The Harbor Club artist

One of the best known in the school is Selwyn Senatori. Nowadays he calls himself a contemporary artist where he is more looking for a connection with the 3d trends.

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Selwyn Senatori stijl Hans Breuker art


'I still have work for 20 years, but I don't feel like it anymore,' he said recently.

That can be seen in his work. He paints less and less in the well-known Dutch School.

Selwyn Senatori en Hans Breuker cocktail lifestyle

Hans Breuker art

Dutch artist Hans Breuker picks up where Senatori left off. He conquers the world with great enthusiasm and in the same style. His art prints are sold all over the world.

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Selwyn Senatori stijl New York Bad Boys

Men in suits art

The biggest difference between Hans Breuker and Selwyn Senatori is that Hans mainly makes his art on the iPad:

'I like speed and popping, the difference with real paint is of course present, but that makes my prices much more attractive to a larger audience. I still paint (on commission) but my core is the digital. I can experiment a lot more and do crazy things. My goal is to conquer the world with this style and bring joy and love with the New Dutch School. See where this style can go with my explosion of creativity.'

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Selwyn Senatori stijl Hans Breuker Veni Vidi Vuitton

Harbour Club artist

From Harbor Club is a place to indulge in good food and drink. It is a place where you can dress nicely and enjoy the beautiful people, food and an old fashioned night out.

The murals in most Harbor Clubs depict the tough men in suits, the lavish ladies, lobsters and good food.

Selwyn Senatori stijl Hans Breuker Enfant Terribles

Hans Breuker kunst

Hans Breuker's paintings also continue on these themes. Enfant Terribles, fashion and enjoying life.

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