Buy Second Hand Selwyn Senatori

Buy Second Hand Senatori

A second-hand Senatori? Or is Hans Breuker his 'own' artist. Second Hans? EersteHans?

Hans Breuker of Selwyn Senatori

Hans Breuker or second-hand Selwyn Senatori

All my life I've been making crazy characters, I try to be as unique as possible but if your own style is the same as someone else's. Do you have to adjust it?

It never ceases to amaze me how short some people's memories are. And perhaps also from Selwyn Senatori himself. He is clearly inspired by the most famous Dutch artist Herman Brood. I will comment on that last. But if anyone comes even close to Senatori's heads, people are frazzled.

Hans Breuker, thief or creative?

In 2015 I saw Senatori's works for the first time. I'd been so focused on my own business that I'd been building since 2010 that my creative impulses were virtually nonexistent.

I saw that there was a market for the graffiti, cartoony style that I drew myself! How fat is that?!

All my life I have been creative, writing stories, drawing, graffiti and I taught myself digital design. But it wasn't until I saw Selwyn's work at the Kunsthuizen gallery that something in me burst.

I can do this too!

And so hop! To the art shop to buy paint and canvases. I really liked the idea that I could still sell the canvases.

The first canvases I made (in addition to my other crazy heads and characters) were exact copies of Selwyn Senatori. And I also sold it to buy new canvases and paint because, a tube of paint? Just cost .95 and don't even get me started on the price of canvases.

Hans Breuker the copycat

I still can't escape it. I don't care much either. There is a market for art and if you respond creatively to it you are a copycat or a sell out. That's pretty hilarious. In the past a movement arose and then everyone went along with that art movement. Now you're supposed to not look like anyone.

Anyway. I only make what I think is fat. I'm not much into expensive brands so I won't be painting about Chanel or Gucci soon (if commissioned). And I don't find the paintings that Senatori made about food fascinating.

But those headlines! And man. Crazy. I keep making those. My style is really evolving too. I play a lot with shadows and other clothes and backgrounds.

Is this a used Senatori?

It will not surprise you that I find this far from a Senatori and a real Hans Breuker. But I think it will be a few years before we are all in conclave about that.

So am I a Secondhand Senatori?

Hahaha, I think I enjoy playing with the limits of stealing, own creativity and commercialism.

But I mix and play with my own childhood idols like below Garfiel and Wolverine from April and May 2020.

Well, those are not 'original' works either. They are existing elements placed in a different context, turning it into art. And I think that's really cool.

As a creative I try to develop myself, but I also want to develop my personal brand. I invest in the website and my own marketing.

I now sell canvases in the price range of € 75 to € 750 with a peak of € 1000. And if there are people looking for a second-hand Senatori, chances are they will come to me. Because I make many more different types of art and styles, I am more broadly oriented than Selwyn and I therefore have a broader target group.

When I see what comparative artists at home and abroad are paid for their work, it is worth investing in it for me as well.

I definitely have a creative urge to get 'something' out of me. Yet I certainly do not shy away from setting a goal that the larger canvases will be sold for thousands of euros.

Facebook auctions

A nice aspect of my art are the Facebook auctions. I put my free work on it and auction it from a certain amount. That's how I sell almost all my art and create some buzzzzzz. I would recommend it to any artist to start like this. 

I've only just started, I'm hungry as a motherfucker and eager as a young Ajax striker.


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