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Selwyn Senator

Selwyn Senator

Many of my works are clearly inspired by Selwyn Senatori, Herman Brood, Alec Monopoly, Liechtenstein, Banksy and Andy Warhol. But Senatori and I often share the same ideas. But I clearly have my own style.

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Selwyn Senatori style

So I make what I feel like. It's fine that it resembles others. My work is mainly made on the iPad and looks very much like painted art. So it is a lot cheaper.

Very bizarre, I made a work of it McDonalds French fries bag, and a few weeks later he did too. Maybe he got inspiration from me... Or do we think the same, at least I don't care. Each his own.

ShopSelwyn Senatori

NEO POPART; Hans Breuker and Selwyn Senatori

The self-proclaimed best-selling artist (Senatori) of the Netherlands has elaborated on the other well-known artist, Herman Brood. People like to see faces/heads. me too :-)

So of course I also continue to embroider on them, but actually (and especially) the graffiti characters that I used to make. My themes are drinking, making money, music, hip hop mixed in a pop culture mash up.

View the collection with almost 100 works here


Selwyn Senatori Hans Breuker Last Supper (2019). 130 x 30 cm. Senatori Brood Breuker style. But clearly a Breuker.

Find the difference

Enter a museum and a layman will barely recognize the differences between a Rubens and a Rembandt. Two giants in painting. You tell me.

[Rubens of Rembrandt? Rubens of Rembrandt?Rubens of Rembrandt? Rubens of Rembrandt?

BANKSY and Blek Le Rat

is an anonymous street artist. A great artist who makes society critical graffiti with his sarcasm and ironic humor. His work is acclaimed worldwide. And he is seen as a pioneer with his stencils.

View the collection with almost 100 works here

But BANKSY is not original either, he copied it from a more unknown and much less commercially smart Frenchman. Blek Le Rat.

Banksy said about this in an interview:

"...Every time I think I've painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well, only twenty years earlier."

Banksy and Blek le Rat

Banksy en Blek le Rat

The artist BANKSY, whom I greatly admire, has become a hugely popular artist due to his anti-establishment. His iconic images now even hang in museums. T-shirts and mugs of his creations are sold. The irony is enormous. And because he is so brilliant, he plays with this himself. For example by selling cheap looking replicas on the street. The market price is minimal. Would it have hung in a gallery? You pay four or five figures in this way up to half a million!

Check out his top 10 most expensive sold works here

View the collection with almost 100 works here

Money and art

The only sector (professional group) where there is a silly correlation between money and perception is art. And I mean art in the broadest sense of the word, musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, etc.

If an artist says he paints for money, we think it's almost EVIL, while if a plumber or bookkeeper says he works for money, we think it's perfectly normal.

When the Dutch band DOE MAAR did a reunion tour in 2008, they admitted to doing it for the money, which was not exactly appreciated.

Romance of art

It is simply the case that people like to see artists as destitute professional idiots who live for creation. I think that's partly because school systems are set up in such a way that you're conditioned that there's nothing to earn with art and that perception becomes reality. Moreover, creativity is not stimulated at all and it literally dies (check research NASA and TED X).

But also because creativity is generally rare (chicken and the egg story if you look at school). and original creativity is even rarer.

Selwyn Senatori not Herman Brood

Selwyn Senatori is a true artist who has followed the 'regular' path of an artist by studying at the Utrecht school of the arts.

But he too is clearly influenced by Herman Brood. He has given it his own style and is expanding.

Herman Brood men

Herman Brood mannenSelwyn Brood Selwyn Brood[

And so we could go on and on.

Hans Breuker & Selwyn Senators

When I first saw his art in 2015, I was just thinking. Shit. I've been drawing all my life and making almost the same dolls. Never thought you could earn a fucking 4,000 euros per painting! Frankly, it hit me in a strange way. It seemed I was shocked. I could do this too, right? I did this!

I made one and was amazed at how easy it was. I had never painted... It inspired me to find my own style. And I'm still working on that. I combine my own crazy cartoony street art like things with the Brood/ Senatori style that I make my own. The funny thing is that Brood was super coarse, Senatori a little less coarse and I even finer. Almost like a cartoon. Which connects with my past where I always drew comics.

We'll see where it leads me. At the moment I get a lot of assignments in the Senatori style. Logically, it is a matter of supply and demand. There is a lot of demand pushing the price up. A Senatori easily costs about € 4,000 and my paintings a fraction of that. I think my presence only makes for more exposure and happy people who might also want a real Senatori after a Breuker :-) Or just a Breuker, so my own style.

Selwyn Senatori of Hans Breuker


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