Painting Johan Cruyff

Painting Johan Cruyff

The largest Cruijff collection by an artist. My Johan Cruijff collection is the most extensive there is. No fewer than seven individual works where his football art comes to the fore.

Johan Cruijf painting

For his 75th birthday, I wanted to honor him. Even though I have not experienced Johan Cruijff playing football, I have always been a fan.

Johan Cruijff in Ajax

To me, he is the Amsterdam bum that rustled his way to the top. Even though he was defrauded in business and had to work in America to make some money again.


Cruijff street art

My roots lie with street art as an old graffiti painter. (I did it until I got in trouble with the authorities). For me Johan Cruijff is alive. His philosophy, his stamp on football everything is alive.

Johan Cruijff streetart schilderij

Johan Cruijff also grew up on the street and I also grew up between the flats in Amstelveen Bankrashof. The street art painting is therefore a direct link between the two of us and stems from my love for street art.

Johan Cruyff Ajax

He became a legend at Ajax, I think it's wonderful that he came back. It shows club love. Rijkaard, Babel, Davids, Litman, and the men who returned. That is wonderful. He came back and also provided many beautiful memories.

Johan Cruijff voetballend in Ajax shirt schilderij

Johan Cruijff in Orange Painting

48 games, 33 goals. Not a bad one statistics! But it could have been better. Lots of hassle always with Johan. He was so cocky. Although the KNVB is also a rigid club of old men with abuse of power.  

Johan Cruijff in oranje


El Salvador Johan Cruijff Barcelona

The Redeemer He came, saw and conquered. He gave Barcelona an allure it hasn't lost since him. That's why I (and because of the other Dutch people who were there of course).

Johan Cruijff Barcelona schilderij

In a previous life I was the discoverer and namesake of the Schoonspoeler, which imported machines my partner and I from Spain, near Barcelona. So we visited every year and attended a competition. I saw Messi, Neymar, Suarez and many other legends. The atmosphere in Camp Nou and around the game was fantastic.

Johan Cruijff at Feyenoord

Like Johan, I also had a business dispute with Ajax. That is why my art may never have the logo or the name Ajax. The legal team forbade me to do that. Unfortunately! I still think that's a huge missed opportunity, who can't divide can't multiply! It would just be a Johan Cruijff quote. †

Johan Cruijff Feyenoord schilderij

When Ajax specifically forbade me to sell art prints, I decided to be inspired by other clubs such as Feyenoord. Hence the Rotterdam collection and other collections are on the way.

Precisely because of a business dispute, I also started looking further, we are a bit resentful.

Johan Cruijff painting collection

My collection is the largest unique collection that portrays all facets of Johan Cruijff as a football player, young, old, Dutch national team, Ajax and Feyenoord. A tribute.

View the entire collection here.

Johan Cruijf in Oranje 

Here are my 20 favorite quotes

"I'm against everything. Until I make a decision, then I'm for it."

"You win all together."

"You're insane until you're a genius."

"There is now unity, everyone basically does what I ask. After all, they are not Dutch people who, when you start breathing, already say: yes, but…"

"Every disadvantage has its advantage."

"I am the Netherlands' most important export product."

"Actually, I rarely make mistakes, because I have a hard time making mistakes."

"The truth is never exactly as you think it would be."

"You will only see it when you get it."

"One puts on music, the other dances along."

"The simpler the better. Because the less choice you leave a player, the greater the chance that he will do the right thing."

"Sometimes something has to happen before something happens."

"I love to work, as long as it's work that I love."

"Before I make a mistake, I don't make that mistake."

"It's better to go down with your own vision than with someone else's."

"If I wanted you to understand, I would have explained it better."

"I'm still convinced that the way I do it, you have to do it, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it."

"You have to have the ball to shoot, and shoot to score, but that makes sense."

"If you can't win, you have to make sure you don't lose."

"We did an excellent job, simply because we couldn't do better."

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