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Noussair Mazraoui

Noussair Mazraoui

Noussair Mazraoui

You often see him laughing on Ajax's social media channels and the fun was also splashing with friend Zyjech. On the field he is concentrated, straight face. But when he scores, he shines from ear to ear. With Andy in the car he makes a pleasant, calm impression. 

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Noussair Mazraoui art

His attacking ability is truly unparalleled. His technique, passing and insight are of a high level. You sometimes feel like he's kind of asleep or that he's not quite there. And then hops. He makes another great move. 

Mazraoui art


Typical of Ajax that he is attacking. And because of his long legs it sometimes doesn't look too smooth, but somehow he still manages to make it difficult for defenders and opponents.

In season 21/22 the communication and the game with Antony is going very well. 

Goals Mazraoui

Admittedly, he doesn't score very much. But IF he scores, they are really top goals. Against PSV in 2022, for example. In any case, the whole attack is finger licking good: 



And here's a little show with his best actions. Nice. 


Mazraoui transfer

Football is about fun for the spectator. Punt. So entertainment. And that involves money. That's just the way it is. I also make football art for other clubs, your boy has to eat right? 

But how Mazraoui leaves the club where he grew up is not chic. And I think it must be classy. Football is emotion. If you do not extend your contract, Ajax cannot sell you. And then you actually raise your middle finger to the club. With that money you can give something back to your club and you are not selfish. That's my view. Hopefully the club gets something.

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