To elect

Ingredients: notorious procrastinator of choices and quick re-decider…. Overlapping preferences with varying moods and contrasting emotions.
Not the ideal palette for a solid voice for local government.
"Daddy, what are you going to vote for?" asked the nine-year-old daughter. Do sixty-six D!
'Neeshouted the six-year-old, you have to vote for the Sinterklaas news!

I could not have expressed my feelings about local elections better. Confusion everywhere.

Right is for masturbating, left for voting I always say. Because my genes turned out very favorable (modesty is good for man) and my cradle happened to be on the right and loving side of the track, that also means taking care of the less fortunate.

When I was 24 and finally left my parental home, I got a house (kje) on the field in the Oude Dorp. Right opposite the Town Hall.

I keep an eye on democracy, I said hautain when I did nothing else than drink and listen to music

But now I find it difficult. More high-rise buildings? Fewer planes? More money for art or for tutoring, or home care?

Make the decision. I'm glad I can only complain about my own indecision once in a while. Just feed them those political animals. And it's not that bad in Amstelveen.

In any case, I vote for more involvement, hence this first column for AT in my beloved Amstelveen.

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