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Johan cruyff poster

Johan cruyff poster

Johan Cruyff poster by Hans Breuker

I wanted to create an image that is unique and really sparkles, but also fits into any interior. Full of action and those are footballing moves grips. This artwork is one of the few that is also available on poster.

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Johan Cruijff poster

Johan Cruijff

I was born in 1981 so I didn't see him play football. But we know the images. Of course I have experienced his coaching life and! The comments at Studio Sport with Jack van Gelder, for example. That man had an incredible football knowledge and incomprehensible hahaha. Or shall we say inimitable.

Johan Cruijff

Johan Cruiff art

Of course a lot has been written and a lot of art has been made of Johan Cruijff. As an Ajax fan and especially football fan I also had to make art of Johan Cruijff. As an artist you shouldn't make anything if you don't think you're indistinguishable, right?

Johan Cruijff Arena

Johan Cruyff and Hans Breuker

There are similarities. except that we are both married to a beautiful woman ;-) We are also stubborn and reasonable loners (in my opinion). I was a little less good at football maybe hahaha. But it is an honor to make art in his mind.

Johan Cruyff Ajax

What must it have been like for a cheeky street kid who suddenly became a world star? That skinny scoundrel who just smoked through his football career! And I think there was also a lot of partying in the seventies. That swagger is now hard to find among the current pros. Everything is so serious. That is why I think his period at Ajax is so beautiful and I turned it into art. I can remember those black and white photos of him and his wife in a very nice car, Cruijff smoking in a fur coat. So fat. Stylish too.


Johan Cruyff Barcelona

I also think his time as a trainer is legendary. Wild smoking and that beige raincoat. Previously standard trainer equipment. I made another artpiece by Beenhakker, Van Gaal and Bobbie Haarms. Why is this man so fascinated? Why do I still make art out of it (1981). I think it's the myth about the man too. The love for the game and for me the connection with the street life. I may be from Amstelveen, but I haven't seen a silver spoon for a long time in my youth!

Trenchcoat voetbaltrainers

Johan Cruijf art commissioned

Do you have a certain photo that you have a lot of connection with or a mix of elements such as Camp Nou, the Meer or do I know a lot! I also do commissioned work hit me up!

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