Johan Cruyff gift

Johan Cruyff gift?

A Johan Cruijff gift on the wall is great fun for the real fan.


Johan Cruijff cadeau

View the entire Johan Cruijff collection here:


Johan Cruijff Cadeau collectie

My artprints are standard available in different materials and different sizes:

30 x 40 cm

60 x 80 cm

120 x 90 cm.

And square:

40 x 40

60 x 60

100 x 100

120 x 120

So there is something for everyone. You can order the art on canvas with or without a beautiful frame and on luxury plexiglass. This way you give a gift that you can enjoy for years to come.

Unique Johan Cruijff gift

What is nice about my artprints is that I can personalize the artprints. So I can put a name or a date in it. This way you give a truly unique gift for the birthday boy or girl.

Joan Cruijff cadeau

art as a gift

Are you in doubt about a work of art? Or do you want something different from Johan Cruijf, for example? Then offers a cadeaubon the solution. Then you can choose a work of art for the party animal at his or her convenience. So practical.

Other gift

Johan Cruijff as Feyenoorder, Ajax player in Barcelona, Dutch national team or as coach. The collection has everything. But do you really want something special? Or do you have a photo that you like that can serve as inspiration for a super duper unique gift. Everything is possible! I make art on commission. Contact us.

Johan Cruijf Feyenoord cadeau

Do you want an existing art print on a different material? For example, a poster or a garden cloth? Everything is possible.

Johan Cruijff

My personal connection with Johan Cruiff is strong. His way of playing football was of course magical and so was his heart for Ajax. Although I did not grow up in Amsterdam, I also spent a lot of time on the street between the flat and bricks. That's where I still feel most at ease :-) Because my roots are in street art, I also made a street art work and the paintings are interspersed with the rough style that I make.

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