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Gwoonvoorthuis observes trends and finds inspiration and living pleasure for you. Pop art and colorful art are increasingly seen as 'statement pieces' in houses. We spoke to Hans Breuker, one of the most famous pop artists in the Netherlands, and we asked him the whole thing:


What kind of work do you do?

My themes are motivation, love and pop culture. In a crazy mix of colors and street art. Neo pop art. I am inspired by cartoons but also by popular culture and my brain throws it all into a creative blender.


Since when have you been making art?

I've been drawing all my life. But since 2016 after the sale of my first company I had the time to fulfill my childhood dream. And since 2021 I am a full-time artist. That's because I then started experimenting with the iPad. I draw all my art on the iPad. This way you can create much more freely and the customer can buy the art in his or her desired format and material (canvas, aluminum, poster or plexiglass).


So you can get the art in all sizes?

Yep! And you can choose to personalize the art! So for a small amount you can put the name of a friend, your partner or anyone else in it. Ideal as a gift.


Who are your customers?

Ambitious fun people who love color and life.


So. That has been thought about.

Hahaha! Yes, of course. In art, the customers are often a reflection of yourself. I really like life and cheerful art. But I also really want to get the most out of myself. This combination makes a large portfolio of almost 300 art prints that you can choose from.


Who are you inspired by?

My ultimate source of inspiration is Mr. brainwash. I think the Banksy movie 'Exit through the gift shop' is such a wonderfully bizarre and great story. how mr. Brainwas created his artwork and took the pop art to such a fantastic level, I thought it was an eye opener and gave me a kind of permission not to think too much about 'art'. I just want to make nice looking art prints and make people happy and motivated. That's why I don't care 'art establishment.'


We also recognize other artists in your works, such as Alec Monopoly and Herman Brood.

Secure! I think copyright nonsense, people will always want work by the real artist. But if there's a style that's in high demand, I'll make it. I give it my own twist and I just make what I feel like.


How do you see the future

I think we've had enough of that boring Scandinavian blandness of shapes and mild colours. We want color again after that boring period of corona. Cheerfulness in our homes and offices. Pronounced art that brings to life a space that makes you happy when you have breakfast in the morning.

You can buy my arprints from a few tens on poster, so you can change often. I predict that art prints will become leading in interior design because of the price, if you buy a work of art for a few thousand euros, it will hang in your living room forever. Isn't it boring!


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