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Herman Brood or Hans Breuker

Herman Brood or Hans Breuker

Buy Herman Brood or Hans Breuker. That's the question.

But there is a lot of difference! Herman was a phenomenon. A life artist who got everything out of life. Women, drink, drugs and art. He lived the rock 'n roll life.

If I go through an evening, I am depressed for three days. So that's already a big difference haha. Yet many people say that my style resembles his. I think it's okay... But if you make faces yellow, the comparison is quickly made. 

Herman Brood or Hans Breuker art

Herman Brood drew early, was super creative. I always used to draw too. But Herman gives a lot more shit about the world than I do. Admittedly, all kinds of resources help with that, of course. He just drew nicely rudely and cared about other people's opinions.

Herman Brood or Hans Breuker style

I like speed, drawing and painting quickly. It gives me a kick. I live for making and creating things. I can't keep busy with 1 work for long. That's not in me. I like rough. This one stijl suits me well. And I like being so rough. Is that characteristic of Herman Brood's style? Secure. But it's also frustrating that once you've found a style you're always linked to the person. Even though the composition, line work, use of color and choice of subject are different. I just take it as a compliment :-)

Herman Brood of Hans Breuker

Hermand Brood or Hans Breuker subjects?

Have you ever seen a plexiglass art print by Herman Brood? Precisely! Haha. All my prints can be ordered on plexiglass (and canvas) which gives the figurative style an amazing effect. My choice of subject is also different. But I get the comparison. In 2022 I chose to check things out instead of copying what I was already doing. I want my art to have an overwhelming vibe. Use of color and subject matter play an important role. I love bright colors but for example the mafia collection revolves around dark colors and dark atmospheres. Shades of brown, red and black and grey.

Herman Brood 2022

I've been hearing it rip off my job for so long that I don't care anymore. I also made many works in the style of Selwyn Senatori and if you want also in the style of Brood. But it's impossible to do anything super original. Everything is already done. You try to put your own spin on it. Figurative When you see a Hans Breuker, it is almost always something figurative. That's what I tend to do most when I draw myself. I'll probably also make an abstract collection to experiment with, but I like figures in art.

Herman Brood plexiglas?

Topics Hans Breuker

Where Herman Brood In his free work he mainly uses fantasy and crazy sayings, my subjects are mainly focused on collections. Think of the Amsterdam art and football art collection. The mafia collection and the movies. They are subjects in life that occupy me and that I love. Buy art

I want to make art affordable and accessible to everyone. That is why I mainly sell directly through my webshop. All artprints are limited editions and the art is made on the ipad!

Do you want a custom artwork? Painted, smaller, larger or on another material. Everything is possible! Or fill it in Contact Form in.

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