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Herman Brood

Herman Brood

Herman Brood

Still the best-known Dutch artist after those old folks from the 17th century. I got to know him through Bart Chabot's books. Read like a fictional novel. I'm (fortunately) much braver myself.

Trust me, I like a drink and can be a bit of an idiot at times... All those drugs and booze are delicious, of course. But you forget everything, you are completely in the moment, ALWAYS. And always looking for the next drink, the next shot. Deadly tiring. Nothing more for me. Thank God I have a lovely lady and lovely daughters. Because it's in me.

Jaksie Brood

Herman Brood style

Whatever I have, just like Brood. Is an unbridled urge to express himself. In language and art (he also in music, I just listen). What I admire Herman for is his shit about everything. At an early age he drew 'Otto', a kind of Joop Klepzeiker-like dots. Really crazy. But it doesn't have the aesthetic I used to love, I loved clean comics like Tintin, Spirou, Donald Duck, DC Comics. Not his messy lines. And that's exactly what's so cool.

Until a few years ago

My drawing style is actually cartoony. But recently I started drawing even more messy. Which actually suits me insanely well. I think you always look at what you can't do and want THAT. I suffered from that for a long time. The drawings I make resemble Herman Brood's style. But still different (dear lord let them be different). Breuker style I make whatever comes to mind. I have so much inspiration. Even if I sit alone in my office all day. It's going crazy hard. I like to make 10 drawings a day. I really don't give a shit that I decrease my own 'value' as a result. I just want to make shit. Making many things. And then hopefully also sell A LOT of those limited editions. Because why not.

Inspiration and copying behavior

picasso said:

Good Artists steal,

Great artists steal.

I'm great. That is obvious. Hahahaha. But although I am clearly inspired by Herman Brood, Selwyn Senatori and Andy Warhol, I am constantly looking for my own style. I'm more of a pick and stick kind of guy. I see something, hear something and then make a drawing.

Instagram is a mega source of inspiration for me. I see Miley Cyrus singing and draw a picture of it. I see Wall of Walstreet film and make a drawing.

Herman Brood style

So yes, it's the same style. But then made in modern times and on the iPad. That is why my prices are also favorable. My work is all printed on canvas or Plexiglas.

Breaker style

Because I'm free from stock, I can really make what I want. And that was very liberating for me. Of course I make things that I think can sell, I must eat anyway or what?! But across the board I really do whatever the fuck I feel like. A lot will hardly sell, but I make it anyway because I think it's cool. 

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