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Selling digital art in a dream come true. It's great to get started with paint. Commissioned or quite creative. Yet I notice that I get exactly the same feelings digitally when creating. And it has many advantages. You can print the wall art on different surfaces.


You can buy my wall art on paper (posters), dibond aluminum plates, plexiglass, garden cloths, canvas, garden cloths and I will probably miss something. Everything is possible and personalized!


Come on now.


It is now September 2021 and I am currently in a huge inspiration explosion again. My first collection will be an Ajax collection. Because I love Ajax but also because I can do so many things with it, from my characteristic heads to my love for cartoons and comics.


The great thing is that I can personalize the wall art and posters! Which is too wild for words because it allows me to make so many more people happy. Because making a cloth is time-consuming and involves material costs, it is a more expensive (also beautiful of course ;-) ) way to make someone happy. But the digital art is easy to personalize so you can give a great gift for a few bucks.


Those gifts are insane. And because it doesn't have to be that expensive, you can come up with something original.


But the digital art has more advantages for my own creativity. I can try and freak out so much more than I can on canvas. That I can also make large wall art that really pops off the wall. It is a challenge to make some prints as realistic as possible, as if they actually look painted. That's so cool to do.


But I also love to do the lines and the sleek art. And those prints are also shit on the wall. Small or large, paper or plexiglass. Something for everyone!

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