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Brian Brobbey

Brian Brobbey

Brian Brobbey

Brian Ebenezer Adjei Brobbey born in Amsterdam on February 1, 2002.

The first I saw him in childhood I thought woowwwwww. What a physique! That body and that strong head on top. A real pleasure to see. He reminded me of Clarence Seedorf too precocious.

In the 2020 season, he made a few raids at Ajax. That speed, the combinations.

That man has so much potential. And then he went to freaking Leipzig! WTF. I thought that was so stupid and sinful. Anyway, just say NO to one salary of 3 Million... Stay a few more years and then you can go to a really nice club.

He did inspire me to portrait. Only available on request:

Brian Brobbey kunst

Brian Brobbey Ajax player

Brian is everything an Amsterdammer and Ajax fan wants to see. Convincing, strong, smart and fast. But also naughty, those funny eyes when he is interviewed, the bad boy behavior at training. That's really great.

Brian Brobbey

The art I make of players are unique one of a kind works of art with certificate. If you want to know more, please contact me: 0624327273 or

For Brian Brobbey I chose an image after scoring, I like that power and experience of a striker. I wanted a dark image because I think it fits with the away shirt from then and the gold.

Brian Brobbey fan

I hope Brobbey stays at Ajax for a long time and that he stays fit and focused for a long time. His Insta doesn't reveal much about his life. Mainly football. But I can remember his interview after he scored on his return. He said he also missed his mother and his family. Completely alone there in Germany is nothing at all! I think he's just a sweet guy. Not breeding of course. But a man with his heart in the right place. I think I will make more art from Brian Brobbey, he is a fascinating guy and appeals to the imagination.

In my opinion someone you can look up to.


Here are some goals from a young Brobbey, rights: ajax


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