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Ajax Women

Ajax Women

Ajax women!

In my youth there was really not one woman. Every village now has at least one women's team. Young girls also really like to play football. Top! The more the better.

Because I a lot Ajax art make in my Amsterdam collection no women of Ajax could be missing:

Ajax women

Ajax vrouwen

I think we live in interesting times. Sometimes people react very emotionally to subjects. Boomers no longer have a clue of what is allowed and what is not. Old structures are slowly crumbling. Where the male patriarchy dominated for centuries, there is more equality and understanding for each other. Women's football is also an important part of that. Especially the acceptance of all men.

Ajax ladies

Ajax vrouwen

Initially I made Ajax ladies as art. My heart is with Ajax of course, but all major cities and clubs follow. I have two daughters. I want to show them that I don't just make 'men' football art. And that women's football is top notch.

Women football

'We' are/were used to men's football. I didn't watch much women's football until the European Championship in 2017. Then, of course, we all looked at the lionesses. And we won! Awesome. I watched the match with my father-in-law somewhere in Zeeland when we were on holiday there. Those games were a lot of fun to watch.

Ajax ladies

Ajax women art

I made this Ajax women's artwork on an Amsterdam background. I especially wanted to portray the toughness. Women are tough and much less sore than men. That aspect is much more fun to watch than men's football.

Ajax women future

As far as I'm concerned, Studio Sport should also pay attention to this. Even if it's just the top 10 goals. And then expand. I think that would be nice. Ajax is becoming more and more popular and so is women's football. I predict a bright future! 

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