Ajax shirt

The Ajax shirt

The red lane in the middle. There's something magical about it. Probably not for our 'adversaries', there the red track works more like a red rag for a bull. But the Ajax shirt is legendary.

 Ajax shirt

It used to be just just a red lane in the center with a white round collar. I made a work of art from the shirt. Not literally because otherwise I'll have the legal department of Ajax on my roof again... So My vision of the Ajax shirt, my Ajax my Amsterdam football club.

Ajax shirt

The Ajax shirt is for sale through the official channels. The shirt changes every few years and subtle differences every year. Wonderful that is. Sometimes with the old logo, sometimes with the new logo. Sometimes with a round neck and sometimes with a v-neck.

Ajax shirt

Because of those differences you have a certain feeling about the shirts you see. The loose-fitting shirts from the 1990s, early 2000s always remind me of Van der Vaart, Sneijder, Galasek. A fantastic time.

The slim fit shirts is the youth, the new wow generation of De Ligt, De Jong and Ziyech.

Ajax away shirt

The away shirts are sometimes not to be seen. I don't like the green and yellow shirts from the time of ABN AMRO (1991). But because they are so ugly and because they played some fantastic football players (Petterson, Bergkamp, Roy) etc. That's also why I've always had a soft spot for UMBRO, the shirt sponsor from the time I was a boy.

Ajax Shirt Hans Breuker

And sometimes they are so beautiful to pass out, the black and gold shirts season 2018. You know, the 4-1 away against Real Madrid. That night I floated home after watching the pub.

I'm a soccer for football shirts

A football shirt touches an emotion. Football IS emotion. It's not the people who work there, it's the supporter that makes a club and the players who are there and who have played football there. It is the most important side issue in life ;-) And luckily it is always there.

Ajax msterdam shirt art Gepersonaliseerd

Many shirts are unimaginative and dull. As an artist I love color combinations. And those combinations often make it. The white with red of Ajax. The black stripes on the Juventus shirt, the burgundy red with orange from Roma, oh how delicious.

But for me there is of course only 1 shirt that really matters. And that's it Ajax shirt. In my art I make a lot of Ajax works. You can personalize this work with your name. Or nice as a gift for the real Ajax fan. The Amsterdam Ajax collection has a lot of original work by me. More info?

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