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Ajax Painting

Ajax Painting

Ajax Painting

Ajax Painting Are you looking for a painting of Ajax. I have the largest collection of Ajax and Amsterdam paintings.


Because I am a fan of Ajax. I wanted something on the wall of Ajax myself, but I couldn't really find something that fits in our interior. And that's the best motivation to make something, isn't it? 

Ajax Hazes Schilderij


My first Ajax Painting

I started painting in 2016 after selling my first company. I have always drawn but in 2016 I made my first crazy cartoon pop art cloths. I liked it a lot. Just have fun experimenting.

Ajax Godenzonen

In 2018 I made my first Ajax painting: Sons of God. 

Ban Ajax on my paintings

In 2022 Ajax banned me from making my Ajax collection. Trademark and Condition Infringement and a threat of lawsuit and recovery of any sales. 

Amsterdam monopoly

Painful because of course you like a club a lot and then you don't want to argue with them about money. 

Amsterdam Gold


Ajax Paintings Hans Breuker

My Ajax paintings are for sale as exclusive unique items on order. But the art prints, the drawn paintings, are no longer for sale.

So the disclaimer: Ajax and Hans Breuker do not work together.

Ajax schilderij

The derivative Amsterdam Art collection is for sale. Those are not Ajax paintings, but the Amsterdam Football Association devised by me. What a uniform would look like if I thought of it. 

Hans Met Amsterdam Ajax shirt


Or what a graffiti work looks like with the subject of Amsterdam and the word Ajax. 

Amsterdam muur

Ajax and Amsterdam paintings

I myself come from Amstelveen, which we consider to be a suburb of Amsterdam in any case. I have lived there for several years and I love coming there. The atmosphere, the environment and the culinary offer is fantastic. 

Amsterdam City Boys

Hence, it provides a continuous flow of inspiration. Of course within the limits offered by the legal team of Ajax… Because they rightly watch over the brand! But my art is clearly grafted on Amsterdam and not on Ajax

Amsterdam Bad Boys


Type of painting

On request I make Ajax paintings, painted on canvas. But the cheapest you can buy the paintings in my webshop. You can choose between printing on canvas and plexiglass as standard. You can order the canvas works in a baking frame/frame. That is also very beautiful.

Here is an example of a plexiglass painting. 



Ajax paintings

You can divide my paintings into a number categories


Ajax on the wall

Because I wanted something different than the current offer, I think that if you are an Ajax fan, an Amsterdam art print by Hans Breuker can hang on the wall. Because I have six categories of Ajax art, there is something for everyone. 

Ajax Three Little Birds


What I often hear is that 'my' wife doesn't want it. Understandable. An Amsterdam Bulldog on the wall can be quite impactful on the wall… 

That is why I make a wide collection for everyone. Think of lighter pastel colors and figurative with a photo in the background or a Lego-like doll. 

Something for everyone

In this way we actually have something for every Ajax fan. Young and Old man or woman and every category imaginable. 

This way I keep it a challenge for myself and ideal for my audience (hopefully).

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