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Ajax Art Breuker

Ajax Art Breuker

Ajax art! He has! And man. Not everyone is a fan of Ajax. I do. Not hard die-hard every game to the Arena. But almost every match on the TV or in a café.


The nice thing for me about making the Ajax print and Ajax art is that you have a common passion with the buyer. So that's nice. And you make something that makes others happy! That is sometimes different in my daily work as marketeer where you can also make fun things, but where the customer has less time and is often 'just' satisfied.



But art. Wow. You make people really happy with that! (And my socks of course, don't forget that one too).




Why then especially Ajax art?


Because you have an audience for it (pun intended) ;-) But also because I can put ALL my creativity into it with the different styles I like and the mashup of art, cartoons and pop culture.


I can use Tweety but also Sponge Bob Squarepants but just as easily the Herman Brood, Selwyn Senator style headlines that I like to draw.


That way I can lose a lot. Because that's what it's all about for me. Making things. Challenging myself and creating a base where my prints and art can find their way to people who like it. Whether that is a big ass print, or a number of small posters. Everything is possible.


What's also nice is that you can print your prints on everything these days. From aluminum (dibond) to paper and from garden canvas to wallpaper. Everything can be custom, exactly what you want. Just take a moment contact on.


With some fiddling and messing around, I was even able to create an option that you can order the print personalized. And that is of course completely cool! As a gift or gift for example.


I still have lists full of ideas and hopefully I can make a lot of people happy.

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