Ajax gift

Giving an Ajax gift is exactly the reason why I collection have started. As an Ajax fan I wanted something on the wall in my office, but I couldn't find any 'adult', really cool art. A gift that goes further than just the logo or selection.

Ajax gift

Ajax cadeau

To give a nice gift to a real Ajax fan (old or young), a unique painting is very original and you make people happy with it. The designs I make are available in 30 x 40 centimeters, 60 x 80 and 120 x 80. And you can order it on canvas or in Plexiglas. This way you can give a nice little painting or a hammer of a Breuker ;-)

Ajax gift man

Personal Ajax gift

A truly unique gift is to personalize an art print. That's why I make it possible for my customers to personalize the art. Every Ajax artwork and Amsterdam artwork can be personalized.

Ajax cadeau gepersonaliseerd

I especially made a lot of personalized heavy boys. And the Amsterdam Warriors with different names also like people

Amsterdam Warriors gepersonaliseerd


Ajax gift children

Often the children already have an Ajax uniform, a drinking cup and a lunch box. But a unique work of art on the wall is really next level. Especially if your own name is included in it. The kids like the Amsterdam Lego DJ, the Three Little Birds and of course the Brave fighters.

Lego DJ Amsterdam


Dappere strijders cadeau

Ajax cadeau man

There are exceptions of course, but my Ajax and Amsterdam art will not show up soon at Eigen Huis & Tuin... But most men have a man cave or office. A cool street art style piece of art fits there of course! Because what to give a man... The solution is here! †

Ajax Amsterdam Streetart banksy aap


Ajax gift wife

Without even trying to say that I understand a woman's taste... Even with a woman 2 daughters and 2 sisters, it remains guesswork! Hahaha. But many women like pastel shades, calm art and especially something that fits in the current interior! One of the Ajax works that fits well as a gift is the Amsterdam Champion spray and of course the Amsterdam women.

Amsterdam Champion spray vrouwen

Ajax wall art

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