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About Hans Breuker

If Keith Haring, Banksy and Andy Warhol would have a lovechild... Hans Breuker would be it. With his wild creative ideas he is one of the most prolific pop artists on the globe.

His themes are ambition, fun and love. He searches for ways to visualize his own ambition and to explore his capabilities as an iPad artist. Most of the time with vibrant colors, mixing all kinds of popular culture into an artpiece that moves you. Inspires you.

“I want my art to hang in all the houses, offices and hotels in the world. Small or big prints, as long as it hangs everywhere. I’m not interested in making expensive art. I want my art to be available to everybody. I’m the most know pop artist since Andy Warhol. Nothing else matters to me business wise.”

Hans Breuker (1981) was born in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, where he still lives with his wife and two daughters. With his family he takes trips, visits musea and has lots of lunches and dinners. Most of the time he is sober, but he Loooooves drinking and celebrating life.

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