Have a scooter painted

Have your scooter painted? No problem. I arrange. 

For an art collector with particularly good taste (because he buys a lot of art from Hans Breuker) I painted the front fork-hood-part-front of his electric scooter.

But Hans, you don't do much on commission anymore, do you? Correct. But this art collector extraordinaire always gives me carte blanche. And then I do everything. 


Have a scooter painted

Scooter laten beschilderen

I underway. With the hood. What are you going to make then? I can do so much too. Then see how to make a decision. After some brooding, I came up with RoadRunner. For those who don't know RoadRunner, that's a kind of ostrich-like bird from the Looney Tunes who always runs very hard for Wile E Coyote. 

AND. He makes a noise. Beep Beep. Well. That fits with this cool-but not mega-macho e-scooter. 

Painting on the scooter

To give just that extra brilliance that people are used to from me, I thought it would be fun to make the typical lightning-like text clouds glow-in-the-dark. That's English; for a sort of yellow glow in the dark.

What's coming for you?! 

Scooter beschilderen

Not only during the day do you have to stunt with your scooter. It should also stand out at night. So I already had a lot of fun inside when the oncoming traffic of the art collector extraordinaire sees him driving; squinting, question marks above the head, is there beep beep there? Is that now... Is that THE ROADRUNNER?!

And then cycling on with a small smile, thinking; "Wow how brilliant. That must have been a work of art by that genius Hans Breuker."