Buy Selwyn Senatori… Or a Breuker

Buy Selwyn Senator… Or a Breuker

Buying a Selwyn Senator? Or a Breaker? It's starting to become a thing. There is more and more difference in style, but the price is of course a huge difference.

Buy Selwyn Senator style art here: from €149.95

I've been drawing all my life. With creative highlights in the 90s graffiti scene until the long arm of the law slowed me down a bit. After that I only drew for a long time until I painted the paintings of Selwyn Senator saw and I was flabbergasted that he made about the same things as me and that he painted them on canvas and could charge great prices for them.

Hans Breuker Selwyn Senator
Hans Breuker Selwyn Senatori

So, admittedly, I made one after that I thought was cool. I proudly shared that and what a hate (or love, that's how you look at it of course ;-)) I got all over me. So imitating things is apparently not really done… So I always try to find my own style (even if of course he has himself too mega influenced by Herman Brood etc. etc.).

Soprano stacks
Soprano stacks

Selwyn Senator Marketplace

Because his work is quite pricey, there is a diligent search for second-hand Selwyn Senator, but that is conveniently bought away by managementt and kept artificially high. Totally crazy and super smart from the managementt. In my early days I sometimes offered 'Selwyn Senator style cloths', until I was ordered not to do that anymore. So even if you clearly say that something is the same style, the managementt is on top of it.

Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah

Very impressive, they have registered Selwyn Senator as a brand name to counteract this kind of practice. Something that I, as a marketer and entrepreneur, can only respectfully mention.

Everything is apparently Senatorial

Rocket champagne, Selwyn Senator or Hans Breuker
Rocket champagne, Selwyn Senatori of Hans Breuker


Supreme money guns, selwyn senatori? OR a real Breuker
Supreme money guns, selwyn senatori? OF toch een echte Breuker

In my search for (something that was already my style…) a custom style I try to stay away from Senatori but because he hangs in the Harbor Club for example and has a lot of fans, I still got a lot of people who thought I was copying him. Even the above canvases of which you immediately see that it is not his. But apparently you can have such a fantastic image and such great fans, that they call something similar (cartoon-like canvases) fervent copycat behavior. And honestly I think that's great. Even though I am the wrong target audience.

Damsel in distress

In order to stay away from him, I continue to paint and create a unique recognizable style. Mine Mario's were compared to Alec Monopoly again, so that wasn't good either. Although I don't give a damn because it's definitely different.

But I'm always drawn to the old-fashioned hard boiled detective genre, the 'Dime detectives'. The Dick Tracy like comics and noir movies. Hence the Mack Dime books of course and suddenly I wanted to paint it too! Because you can't always do everything and write, and marketing and painting, I thought it would be fun to paint my attraction to that genre as well. The first result was 'Damsel in distress, to the window.' There's a lot in it. Tension, action and some questions, why does she flee? Who is that man with the gun, what's happening? A nice depth in the style. And, at least in my opinion, absolutely no Selwyn Senator. He has been making art for decades, but I have not (yet) seen this from him 🙂

I had previously made two canvases with tension and guns:

Selwyn Senator kopen

Now I'm starting more and more committees to make. And those people say they thought to buy a Selwyn Senator. But yes, not everyone has € 4,000 for a free work. Let alone a commission. But I always say I make my own style, not his so if you want a copy… No is the answer.

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